Client Testimonial: Television


Target Audience: Women 35+ who love to shop.

Media Buy: New York Times Square/42nd Street Saturation

Rationale: QVC wanted to introduce their brand in a sensational new way and, to begin shifting the stigma associated with TV home shopping by showcasing all that QVC has to offer potential customers. QVC also wanted to try to capture the feeling of excitement you get when you open a QVC package. QVC felt that Outdoor, and the excitement that comes along with the Times Square (42nd St) Saturation, would be a great way to make a real impact on the streets and generate talk in the news.

Results: With Outdoor, QVC was able to capture the excitement of the “New QVC” and more! The Campaign was launched with a dramatic three part tease/reveal billboard campaign in select markets which included the Times Square Saturation. The tease phase consisted of the phrase “IQDoU?” followed by literally unwrapping the mystery behind the phrase with a tear to show the freshly designed Q logo. Ten days later QVC “unwrapped” the rest of the board to show people having fun interacting with products offered on QVC. “Outdoor was a great way to reach people on the ground and help build buzz around the brand. The 2007 branding campaign (including multiple media formats along with the Outdoor campaign) appears to be right on course based on early results. Outdoor really added that extra excitement to our multimedia buy.”

Jeff Charney - SVP Marketing/CMO (QVC)

 Client Testimonial: QVC