Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

CBS Outdoor has brought success to multiple advertisers. Browse our extensive selection of testimonials from clients and advertising agencies of all sizes. Simply search for a specific example by Media, Market or Industry or you may also choose to view the OAAA's Case Studies.

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AAA Arizona
“Our most recent campaign with CBS Outdoor, though very simple, has actually increased calls on our Billboard vanity double!" Read More

Taca Airlines
"(CBS Outdoor) lets us reach our target market in the zip codes where they live and work without the enormous spillover we face with broadcast and print media primarily geared to reach the Mexican market (which we do not serve).” Read More

"All in all, every dollar was well spent with the program. I would like to do this route again and want to keep the buses going until the end of the year!” Read More

Aim Tell-A-Vision
"I am happy to report that American Latino is a consistent #1 in all demos in its time period in Los Angeles on KABC, thanks in no small part from our targeted Out-of-Home campaign with CBS Outdoor." Read More

Al Día Newspaper
"Outdoor advertising has the ability to reach large numbers of potential readers so we chose CBS Outdoor Latino to partner with us on this effort. Their locations, flexibility and service have convinced us that we absolutely made the right choice!” Read More

Arise Detroit
“We are very pleased with our CBS Outdoor campaign for the ARISE Detroit launch week. Almost immediately, we began to receive phone calls, emails and word-of-mouth feedback in response to the Outdoor ads." Read More

Arrow Electronics
“The resumes are pouring in! So far hundreds of applicants have responded to fill positions at both the company’s headquarters in Melville and its Internet division in Hauppauge. Thank you CBS Outdoor!” Read More

Auglaize Antique Mall
"20% of our business comes from our highway billboards! Billboard advertising is our number three means of attracting customers, right behind word of mouth and flyers. Our CBS Outdoor Billboard is a great value to us!” Read More

Boost Mobile Rock Corps
"CBS Outdoor played a major part in spreading the word and making the event a success. Thank you for affording us your best thinking, your best inventory, your flexibility, your best rates and for your true understanding of this special effort. We look forward to our continued partnership!" Read More

City of Fremont/AC Transit
“The Campaign resulted in a 50% increase in call volume to the Senior Help Line. The outcome was better than we ever expected, thank you CBS Outdoor!” Read More