Advertising Media Signs: Outdoor Advertising Options from CBS Outdoor

Outdoor Advertising Media


CBS Outdoor offers a multitude of outdoor advertising options, all of which offer their own unique impact – Billboards, Walls, Bus and Rail Media, Street Furniture, Specialty Advertising Signs, Mobile Billboards, Sports Media and more. We also have the strongest (multi-media) Digital inventory by market of any outdoor media vendor, as well as unsurpassed Mobile interactive capabilities throughout all of our Out-of-Home media.

Van Wagner Acquisition​

CBS Outdoor has acquired certain outdoor advertising businesses from Van Wagner Communications, LLC, adding approximately 1,100 large format billboard displays in 11 of the top U.S. markets. This inventory bolsters our portfolio of premium high profile and iconic inventory in prime locations.


The most popular of the Outdoor advertising options, these advertising signs may be the foundation of any successful Out-of-Home media campaign. Their size offers an impact equal to no other advertising media.


Digital outdoor media is the future of the industry. We offer both static and full-motion Digital Out-of-Home media across the top markets in multiple advertising media formats.


These advertising signs are unavoidable to all commuters and residents in major metro areas. Our wide range of outdoor media options gives you the flexibility to impact the masses in many different ways across multiple markets.

Street Furniture

Street Furniture has the advantage of reaching pedestrians and vehicular traffic right at the eye-level. CBS Outdoor Advertising media Street Furniture inventory types include Bus Shelters, Benches, Urban Panels and Digital LCD Panels.


Specialty advertising includes various iconic locations, special packages, digital options and other unique advertising media campaign additives.

Sports Media

CBS Collegiate Sports Properties has been a creative and innovative partner of the collegiate sports marketplace for nearly 20 years, providing a wide range of marketing, advertising media and sales services to many of the nation's top collegiate athletic programs.