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New York Outdoor Advertising

New York is home to more than 12 million people and is the most ethnically diverse market in the United States. Impacting the 35 million annual visitors and daily business commuters from surrounding suburbs, CBS Outdoor's media catches the eye of the consumer—from the Bronx Zoo to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and hundreds of neighborhoods in between.

CBS Outdoor offers a diverse selection of outdoor advertising in New York with the following tactics to target consumers:

  • Billboards and Walls: Located along major highways and crossroads to attract maximum attention from traffic and pedestrians, New York City billboards can be found in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County.

  • MTA Subway Advertising: Reach thousands of people every day with interior, exterior and display advertising in subway stations.

  • MTA Bus Advertising: Display your message on the interior or exterior of the bus system with the largest ridership in the nation using New York bus advertising.

  • LIRR and Metro-North Advertising: Impact a wealthier demographic of consumers going in and out of the city on the Metro-North and the Long Island Railroad with New York transit advertising.

  • Street Furniture Advertising: Position your advertisement on top of busy subway station entrances for maximum impact.

  • Digital RoadBlock Advertising: Envision your advertisement on a full-motion, high-resolution digital display , which catches the eye of large pedestrian crowds heading to Times Square.

  • 1515 Broadway Advertising: Put your ad on one of two screens directed at the high volume of pedestrian traffic in the area.

  • Javits Center: Use our double-sided digital screen to reach traffic heading to the Javits Center and Lincoln Tunnel from Manhattan.

  • 42nd Street Advertising: Millions of people walk past these three billboards every day in close proximity to Times Square.

  • Grand Central Digital Network: With four digital displays in historic Grand Central Station, you are bound to catch the eye of both tourists and locals.

  • Penn Station Digital Network: The Network’s multiple screens allow advertiser messaging to fully saturate commuters traveling in and out of the city, at various points throughout the concourse.

  • LIE Domination: Three large walls on the Long Island Expressway are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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Pepsi Scores A Touchdown with OOH!

Pepsi Scores a Touchdown with OOH! As the official soft drink of Super Bowl XLVII, Pepsi has tackled New York and New Jersey with an extensive OOH campaign, showcasing it’s iconic red, white & blue logo across the regions. Commuters traveling from Grand Central Station to Times Square were impacted with colorful station dominations designed to amp up residents for the big game!  Read More

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