Largest CBS Outdoor Transit Buy in Detroit History

Largest Transit Buy in Detroit History

Joumana Kayrouz, a Detroit attorney, is now known as the "Queen of Transit." Slowly this account has gone from a few bulletins and posters in and around Dearborn, to a complete domination of Southeast Michigan.

On a few different occasions over the last year, transit was discussed in order to saturate the streets of Metro-Detroit. CBS Outdoor Detroit started out with a smaller quantity of buses in the beginning, and using smaller standard products. Over time, she decided that she wanted to be known in Metro-Detroit as the “Queen of Transit.” She wanted this campaign to be BIG!

Joumana decided to purchase at least one ad on almost every bus in Metro-Detroit. She wanted to purchase as many oversize products as she could; Ultra Kings with headers, Wraps, Full Backs, and Half Backs.

The campaign is now almost completely posted, and you cannot drive anywhere in Metro-Detroit without seeing her name.  Thanks to Joumana, this campaign is the largest transit campaign in Detroit history for CBS Outdoor! 

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