Billboard Construction: Learn How to Make a Billboard at CBS Outdoor

Creative Guidelines: Billboard Construction

Below is a quick reference on how to make a Billboard a truly effective Outdoor creative. From Billboards to Transit and everything in between, each have unique qualities that must be kept in mind when brainstorming Billboard construction ideas.  Click these links for more detailed media-specific guidelines for Billboards, Street Furniture and Platform PostersBus/Train ExteriorBus/Train Interior, Wrapped Bus/Train, Station Domination.

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How to Make a Billboard and Create Great Out-of-Home:

Follow these Outdoor advertising guidelines to create effective Billboard design. Learn how to build a Billboard that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression.


 Be obvious and noticeable with Billboard Construction.

 Small type, images and logos do not work for outdoor. Effective Billboard design requires larger creative.


 Keep text simple and short.

Audiences have a short time to read and absorb your message. Our Outdoor advertising guidelines recommend  easy to read messaging that can be taken in quickly.


 Use a font with consistent thickness.

 Avoid type with extreme thick-and-thin lines. The thin areas will disappear from far away.


 Avoid tracking your type too closely.

Tight typography will be hard to read from a distance. Make sure you build a Billboard that can be read from the  street.


 Keep moderate spacing between characters.

Condensing or extending your type too drastically hinders legibility. Billboard construction should support consistent spacing. 

 Use simple and bold images that can be “read” quickly.

If audiences can’t figure out what they’re looking at, the ad won’t work.  Images that grab the viewer should be included in effective Billboard design.

 Use solid or simple background images or patterns.

 Complexity will distract from the information in the foreground.


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