Sprite Transforms a Billboard into Skateboard Ramp with CBS Outdoor

Sprite Transforms Atlanta Billboard into Skateboard Ramp

In an effort to highlight the “intense” experience associated with their beverage, Sprite recently modified one billboard in Atlanta to resemble a massive skateboard ramp. 

During installation, the vinyl was extended several feet out from its base, giving a slight curve to its surface.  This curvature, along with the “scratched and peeling” design of the creative, allowed the billboard to resemble a well-worn vertical ramp.

Overlaid on the dark background was the crisp Sprite logo, the corner of which extends beyond the frame of the structure and into the sky. 

To complete the look, Sprite topped off the design with a life-size, 3D replica of a skateboarder, complete with actual hat, clothes, shoes and—of course—skateboard. 

Posed in mid-action, the mannequin adds eye-catching dimension to the billboard, generating buzz for both the brand and the creative possibilities of Out-of-Home!

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